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Caleb Kimuyu: Pursuing his degree in psychology

My name is Caleb Kimuyu from Machakos county.

I did my KCSE in 2015 and scored a C plain, I felt as if my life had no meaning because I had missed the minimum points required to enroll in an university and I come from a humble background.

I later heard of Uwezo College in machachos and applied to do a diploma in social work and community development, after three years I completed my final KNEC diploma exams and scored a distinction!

During my training I found Uwezo College a good institutuion with a condusive leraning enviroment with execellent tutors, after the completion of my diploma, I've worked with the ministry of labour and social protection, the state department of children services before shifting to UTWEMA NGO.

Currently I am also pursuing my degree in phychology at Masinde Muliru University of Science and Technology.

I would highly recommend aspiring students to join Uwezo College to better their future! Uwezo College goes beyond training!

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