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Uwezo Wetu Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose overriding objective is transforming the lives of needy Youth for a better future through training, formation, internship and placement. Uwezo Wetu Foundation core mandate is to come up with modalities to raise funds from individual donors, Organizations (local and international) and from all people of good will. Uwezo Wetu Foundation works closely with Uwezo College in order to achieve its mandate.

The admission criteria for Uwezo College is inclusive, ensuring everyone is given an opportunity to access training and as a result, we admit students from all social backgrounds e.g. from the marginalized, the poor, physically challenged and also able students of all gender and religious inclinations. We have noted over time that once admitted, some students find it a challenge to pay their tuition and often times they take breaks during their training to go and work in order to raise their fees. Some end up dropping out because they cannot afford and therefore end up not achieving their dreams. It is heart breaking to note that such students come from areas where they needed to uplift their socio – economic status as well as that of communities upon completion of training but end up not doing so due to lack of school fees.

Uwezo Wetu Foundation

Why Sponsor a Youth in Uwezo College?

• Excellent results in KNEC Exams, KASNEB and NITA

• Emphasis on Faith and Trust in GOD in everything we do

• Emphasis in Co-curricular activities and Community service

• Sound management

• Affordable fees

• High standards of discipline and hard work

• Excellent facilities and environment conducive to learning

• Emphasis on teaching the individual through personal tutoring and walking together through the student academic journey

• Use of the latest technology – has the most robust and sophisticated e-learning in the region

• Teaches life skills and offers guidance and counselling sessions for groups and individuals

• Colleges endeavors to find internship and job placement opportunities for all students