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Welcome to Uwezo Wetu Foundation

Foundation's History

The Founder of Uwezo College, Mr Felix Kyengo, decided to establish a College to empower Youth with skills to earn a dignified livelihood. His vision was to create a College with a difference, and hence the motto, “Beyond Training”.

The vision was driven by his early childhood struggles to acquire education that was hampered by lack of school fees due to destitute poverty of his parents. Along his academic journey and in a miraculous way he was assisted through his O level education and A level education by people of good will, some of whom he doesn’t know to date. He excelled in his University studies and later got employed by reputable organizations that trained him well in management and he rose through the ranks to head some of the organizations.

While working Mr Kyengo was able to improve the living standards of his immediate family...

and extended family. Thereafter, Mr. Kyengo turned his attention to giving back to Society through the use of his financial resources and his management skills to establish a College to empower Youth with skills to earn a decent livelihood.

For Mr. Kyengo success is measured based on every girl or boy trained and saved from wretched live as he realizes to impact the masses we have to start with one Youth at a time.

The College has both paying students and sponsored students. Over the years the Founder and his Board have come to the realization that they need financial help of other people of good will in order to offer more scholarships and also to assist some paying students who drop out of College due to lack of fees as a result of high poverty levels.

The Foundation was therefore established with main objective of mobilizing resources to assist such needy students get through their training and give them hope in life.

Foundation's Motto

Transforming lives for good.

We aims to provide holistic training that would result in dependable professionals, strong in body, mind, spirit and character that would be agents of change in society.

Mission statement

Empowering a needy youth, one at a time!

The Foundation's main objective is to mobilize resources to fund youth empowerment through skills transfer, internship and placement, with ultimate goal of assisting them to earn a dignified livelihood

Vision statement

To use every donation to empower as many Youth as possible in transparent and accountable way

Our vision is to ensure that needy Youth complete their training through bursaries awarded from funds received from well-wishers. We mark our milestones in terms of every single livelihood transformed.