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Home Care givers

Home care giver is the Provision of safe care at home for children, people who suffer from illness or injury that might otherwise be placed in the hospital or nursing home and the elderly.

Benefits of Home Care includes;

  1. Keeping people who need support in the home out of institutions for the physically or mentally disabled; eliminating the need to place persons (particularly children) in foster care
  2. Allowing families to remain intact
  3. Maintaining involvement with family, neighborhood and community.

Home care clients can also include

  1. Frail and elderly
  2. Acute and Chronically ill
  3. Physically and mentally challenged
  4. Adults and children in need of protection

In order to support a needy Youth to undertake this course Uwezo Wetu Foundations invites all individuals and organizations of good will to partner in the following ways;

  • Individual Sponsor undertakes to fund fully an individual student for a specific 3 months job specific skills training course. The sponsorship can also include upkeep where required. The Cost for tuition only for one student is Shs 65,000.

  • Organization sponsoring a group of students to acquire the specific skill, internship and placement. The funding for this is done through project proposals to various donor agencies to be done by the Uwezo Wetu Foundation board of management. Once the funds are secured they are used solely to fund the specific group of students identified and qualifying for the award of the bursary

Expenses (Job specific skills Training - 3 Months)
Registration and Admission Ksh 5000
Tuition fees per Trimester Ksh 20,000
Material fees per Trimester Ksh 5000
Miscellaneous - Marketing and acquisition Ksh 5000
Ksh 35,000
Accomodation Ksh 10,000
food Ksh 10,000
Pocket Money Ksh 10,000
Ksh 30,000
Total per semester per student for 3 months Ksh 65,000

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